"Rechna Gara" Restaurant Rebranding

2023 - 2024

Project Summary:

"Rechna gara" (River Station), nestled on the banks of the Danube River, was more than just a dining destination; it was a hidden gem waiting for its story to be told through a reimagined brand experience. With its amazing food, the challenge was to ensure the restaurant's atmosphere mirrored the excellence of its cuisine. Inspired by the inventive spirit of a steampunk version of the fish train, we embarked on a transformative journey, curating every aspect to resonate with this unique theme. Our vision was clear: to elevate ""Rechna gara"" into a 360-degree experience where the ambiance seamlessly blends with culinary artistry.


The new branding was a deep dive into the very soul of ""Rechna gara"". We revolutionized its social media presence with engaging content that narrated the restaurant's new story, inviting guests to embark on a gastronomic adventure before they even stepped through the door. The redesign of the interior was a careful orchestration of elements that echoed the steampunk aesthetic, transforming the space into an immersive backdrop for the culinary delights that awaited. Every detail, from the staff outfits reflecting the thematic elegance to the menus that served as guides through the revamped culinary journey, was designed to enhance the dining experience.