Project Title:

ChairPro Black Friday Campaign

Project Summary:

It's amazing what high-quality photos and product videos can do with your brand's sales. They not only grab attention but also provide a detailed and attractive presentation that can significantly enhance the perceived value of your product. Recognizing this, we partnered with Chair Pro, a client known for its innovative office furniture. Despite having a superior product, Chair Pro was struggling to capture its target market's attention. Our strategy was simple: produce a professional photo session that not only highlights the unique features and benefits of their office furniture but also showcases the products in real-life settings, emphasizing comfort, design, and functionality, which are key selling points.


Following our content launch, Chair Pro saw a 30% increase in sales. This surge was not merely a testament to the quality of their products but a clear indicator of how essential professional, high-quality visuals are to converting browsers into buyers. The enhanced images provided a much-needed lift to the brand's online presence, making it easier for customers to imagine the product in their own spaces, thereby reducing hesitation and encouraging purchases.

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